Polynomial Interpolation (Lagrange Interpolation) with Vandermonde Matrix – Matlab / GNU Octave Code

May 16, 2017

A quick but ill-conditioned way to compute a Lagrange polynomial interpolation…

Tags: math, matlab, octave

Line Codes - Matlab / GNU Octave Code

Jul 19, 2012

I came up with the following approach to do line coding without for loops. My approach involves a bit of system theory, modulo 2 arithmetic, and sometimes just tricks founded on simple coincidence. So one is advised to be a little careful while sifting through the logic. But ultimately, the code is terse and fairly elegant.

Tags: signals, matlab, octave, software

Lagrange Interpolation - Matlab / GNU Octave Code

Mar 18, 2012

This piece of code is a Matlab/GNU Octave function to perform Lagrange interpolation.

Tags: math, matlab, octave

Spherical Coordinates Matlet

Mar 17, 2012

This "matlet" is work we did for an assignment we had in the third semester on Electromagnetic Fields. The problem statement was to create an applet which could plot surfaces in the spherical coordinate system.

Tags: math, matlab, software