Walk to Sankey Tank

Walk to Sankey Tank

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Just a pleasant Sunday morning's walk to Sankey tank with Tarun and Vaibhav…

I am back in IISc enjoying the vacation. After a hectic second semester of classes, exams, assignments, and projects, there is at last some time to indulge in other leisurely activities. So, this morning, Tarun, Vaibhav, and I went on a walk to Sankey Tank.

Sankey Tank is less than 2 km from IISc, and took only about 20 minutes to get there by walk. I half expected to see a pool suffocated by aquatic weeds, but was pleasantly surprised to see a well maintained and reasonably neat water body. The entire place is walled off, and is quite a welcome relief from the traffic and pollution of the city (not that there is much traffic or pollution early in the day on a pleasant Sunday morning).

Among the birds, there were the usual rock pigeons (Columba livia), a group of black kites (Milvus migrans) swooping down trying to snatch fish from the water, some kind of cormorant (possibly a Little Cormorant), and a few ducks here and there.

That's all… Nothing special… Just that I don't go out very often. This place is so close to where I live and yet it's been an entire year before I decided to go see it!

A panoramic view of a reservoir with paved paths on the left and right ends

Figure 1: Sankey tank panorama

A reservoir with duck shelter in the middle and trees in the distance on the far away shore

Figure 2: Sankey tank

A paved path bounded by a wall on the left and a reservoir on the right

Figure 3: Sankey tank path