User script to remove noscript mask on ebay

User script to remove noscript mask on ebay

Published by Arun Isaac on

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Tags: javascript, software, greasemonkey

A greasemonkey user script that removes the noscript mask on ebay and lets the user browse ebay without enabling javascript…

This project is now maintained in a git repo at This page will not be kept updated.

A message box with the text "Please enable javascript" overlaid on a page

Figure 1: with noscript mask

The same page as in the previous image, but with the overlaid message box removed

Figure 2: with noscript mask removed by greasemonkey user script

Proprietary javascript is no less harmful than any other proprietary software. Read Richard Stallman's essay "The Javascript Trap" to learn more. Javascript, due to its ephemeral nature, makes it impractical to exercise your four software freedoms. For a good analysis of the problems with javascript, watch Mike Gerwitz's talk "Restore online freedom" delivered at LibrePlanet 2016.

These days, many sites break down completely and do not function at all if you will not execute their javascript. However, there are also sites like ebay, that can function in part without javascript, but refuse to cooperate and hinder the user by covering the page with a noscript mask that blocks the user from accessing anything on it. So, to get around the problem, I wrote a trivial (greasemonkey) user script to remove the noscript mask by setting its CSS display property to none.

var style = document.createElement("style");
style.innerHTML = "noscript { display: none; }";

You can get this user script on, or right here at the following download link.